Timeout Issues in the Enterprise Applicationa

If you are using the Enterprise Cloud or Enterprise Cloud Mvc application, or, running the "EnterpriseX" application on an IIS server, and you seem to be getting a lot of time-outs in the application and this is causing you to have to re-log in, then a parameter is not properly set in the IIS program.

To adjust time-outs of web applications:

1) Go to the server where the application is running and open the "Internet Services Manager"

2) Select the website where the application is installed (Default is "Default Web Site")

3) Right-Click on the directory "EnterpriseCloudMvc" or "EnterpriseASP" and select properties

4) Under the "Virtual Directories" tab near "Application Name" press the "Configuration" button

5) Select the "App Options" tab.

6) On this "App Options" tab, the default timeout setting is in a box labeled Session Timeout change this to be whatever value you like.

7) Apply all of your changes and restart IIS, and the Timeout problem will now be corrected.

There is also a time-out parameter in the /EnterpriseASP and /EnterpriseWS Web.config file you may want to adjust.

Enterprise Cloud Specific Timeout Problem: If you are getting time-out errors when trying to run procedures like Bookings of Orders and Purchases, or Postings and Recalc's then it is possible that the CLR is not connected to the Front-End. This happens when you update the database and make some changes but do not remember to run the "EnableCLR.sql" script in your database directory Please run this script against your database and attempt to duplicate the problem again.