Common Installation Problems & Issues


Visual Studio is not installed correctly

You must do the following steps to ensure that the server that is going to run the web services layer and the ASP Dot Net Presentation Layers are functioning properly:

1) Run Visual Studio and create a new ASP Dot Net project (file/new/project)

2) Create a Web Form, Put a text box and a button on the form and run application

3) View the application in Internet Explorer.

If the above does not work, then Visual Studio is not installed properly. Please check and make sure it was installed properly and make sure all of the necessary web components and the Net SDK were also installed properly. You may have to reinstall Visual Studio and confirm that your computer will be used as a server.

You may also want to install and run the samples that come with the Microsoft Dot Net SDK in the samples directory. Select the Starthere.html file and follow the installation instructions for the samples.

Please make sure you do the above steps before contacting us for support since this is the first thing that technical support will ask and verify!


System Installation Location

If this is your first time installing the application and you are new to Integral Accounting Enterprise, then you must install the Enterprise Applications to the default locations specified in the installation instructions. Once you become familiar with the Enterprise applications and how they work, then you can move them to other locations.

If you are having persistent Enterprise problems and your Enterprise installation is not in the default location, then you should re-install the software to the proper location per the installation instructions.

Our technical support will not be able to help you troubleshoot your applications if they are not installed to their default locations.


ASP Dot Net State Service is not Running

The system uses the ASP Dot Net state service to manage session states within the application. If this is not running, then the program will not function correctly. Please make sure that the ASp Dot Net State service is running and is set to start automatically.


Application Pool Problems

Please be sure that if you have a Server with different versions of dot net running on it that you set up different application pools for these applications. We recommend that Dot Net applications be run on their own server.


Searching the Microsoft Knowledge Database

For general programming errors not specifically related to the Integral Accounting Enterprise system, we recommend that you search the Microsoft Knowledge Database for the solution. The Microsoft Knowledge Database can be located at Enter your problem in the box that says "Search MSDN for"


Common Errors:

Listed below are some of the more common errors you may be getting with the software. Please review the list of common errors below and click the link for specific details on resolving the error you are getting.

Assertion Failed - Duplicate Object Problem

Assertion Failed - Missing Tables / Objects Problem

Unable to make the session state request to the session state server

Specified Cast Is Not Valid

Access to the path "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\EnterpriseWS\WebServices\errlog.txt" is denied

Error Writing to Log File errlog.txt

Could Not Access CDO Message Object

Other Failures Regarding CDO Message Object

User X not associated with a trusted database connection

File or assembly name <SomeEntityX>, or one of it's dependencies, was not found

Any HTTP 401 Errors, 404 Errors,  or HTTP Request Failed 401 Access Denied

The designer for base class System.Web.Ui (Or Other Library) is not installed

Unable to read the resource information [asp or vb form name.aspx.resx]

"SomeEntityX" is not a member of "EnterpriseReference.SomeEntityYDataset"