Company Creation

The Integral Accounting Enterprise system supports multiple companies, with multiple divisions within each company, and with multiple departments within each division. This is an ideal set-up for companies with many independent divisions and departments. Each division and department within an organization can record and manage their own General Ledger and corporate data.

Therefore, a company has a division and a division has a department. Each department is it's own entity with it's own general ledger, customer list, vendor list, etc. Each division can be set up the same way, as a separate entity with it's own general ledger, customer list, etc.

Whenever you are working within Integral Accounting Enterprise, you are always in a Company and a division and a department related to that company. If you do not want to track information by division and department but rather just at the company level, then the division and department would be set to DEFAULT.

Creating your company in the Integral Accounting Enterprise system is a simple process. To create a new company, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Log into the Default Company. Use Default for the Department and Division ID. Use Admin for the User ID. You can find the username and password in the database in the PayrollEmployees table, which is where all the user information is stored. 

2. When this is done, set the permissions on the Administrator account. To set the permissions, you go to the "AccessPermissions" table. Find the Administrator account for the Default / Default / Default Company and set all of the fields to 1

3. Once you are logged into the system, select System Setup from the main menu, and select Company Setup. Select Company Setup again which will bring you to a table with the default company record displayed.

4. Select New and a screen will be displayed prompting you to enter the company name.

5. Enter the company name for the new company and press OK. Keep in mind that special characters (such as ' ! * ) are not allowed in the Company name.

6. Log out of the Default company and log into the newly created company using the New Company name and Default for the Department and Division ID. Use Admin for the user ID and the same password that you used before.

Follow the above steps for each new company you want to create in the system.